Thursday, January 24, 2008

NYC here we come!

We booked our tickets for June 10th-15th. We can't wait to see all of you so mark your calendars!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm Famous!

Well....not exactly. But we did win Agency of the Year from Ad Age (oh yeah, and Ad Week too)

Some of you may have seen the article here and might have seen this picture towards the bottom. I'm the one in a grey shirt on the right side next to the girl in the white coat. No big deal. You can say you knew me when...

Friday, January 18, 2008

A taste of what's to come

Yes, that is the "Texas" burger from Rosie's Cafe in Tahoe. Yes, that does mean it has chili, guacamole, bacon, AND cheese. Yes, that is cheese hanging down onto the plate. And Yes, Patrick did eat the whole thing (well, almost).

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh yeah, we went to Tahoe

So my family doesn't "do" snow. Both my parents hate it and never really took us to it as children. That said, I haven't always had the best snow experiences. Below a short recap of the snow and me:

1. When I was about 8 My family rented a cabin for the week one year. It was great--until we got snowed in.

2. When I was 13 We went to Italy to visit my cousins and I took a ski lesson at the Italian Alps. Although my instructor's name was indeed Fabio, good looks couldn't get my uncoordinated little body to understand how exactly to ski.

3. When I was 15 I went snowmobiling with my all the boy scouts in my ward. Of course I had a great time, I was 15.

4. Freshman year my friend Jensen gave me a snowboarding lesson. He also convinced me to buy fancy ski pants and goggles at the Park City shops. Oh, freshman stupidity.

5. I'm lumping all sledding adventures into one category. Now THAT I like.

6. I went snowmobiling a couple times with my roommates thanks to Kevin. One of those times included James proposing to Mere. Very successful trip!

7. I went skiing at Park City with my then boyfriend Peter. I literally spent the entire day holding on to him for dear life. I think that's part of the reason we broke up.

8. My dad, Lex, and I decided to go to Arrowhead for a day of skiing over Christmas break. We thought Christmas break always equaled snow in the mountains. We didn't realize that isn't necessarily true until we got there 3 hours later...

Cue Tahoe this past weekend: We went up with some of our new favorite friends in SF. In preparation, I bought snow cables in the city and had the Firestone guy show me how to put them on. I swear he told me to put them on the front tires (which didn't really make sense to me but who's the expert here?).

After dropping our friends off at the slopes for the day (that's why I like Patrick...we'd both rather not ski/snowboard) our friend Jared helped us put the chains on the tires. As we pulled away from the resort we started hearing a terrible noise. At first we thought it was "normal" since we hadn't ever driven with chains before. It got so bad that we could barely hear each other yelling over the sound. At that point we knew something was very wrong so we pulled over as soon as there was a safe place to do so. Since the cables were on the wrong tires, we got stuck in the snow and couldn't get out.

Luckily, a CalTrans guy happened to be driving by at that exact moment and helped pull us out of the snow and replace the cables on the correct tires. Then he had to push our car all the way up to the top of the road because we were fishtailing so badly. After that we were kind of done for the day so we took a nap and went out to lunch (typical Saturday activities wherever we are).

Even though we had the snow issues and we didn't do any snow sports, we had a great time (as you can see from the pictures I'll post when I get home today). We'll definitely go again (if we're invited) and maybe we'll do some snowmobiling. That's up our alley

Side Note

You know that picture two posts below this one? The other day my co-worker saw that picture at my desk and asked if the man next to me was my husband. Good thing he is my 30-something year old boss.

Monday, January 7, 2008

SO lame

I know. But look at how much I've gotten accomplished since it became 2008:

Organized my pantry
Cleared off my office desk
Finished all the Thank You notes
Played some board games with our new friends
Started Flossing again
Oh, and I've started a Spin class. Carrie, you'll be proud :)

It might not seem like a lot to you, but I'm pretty dang proud of myself :)