Thursday, April 23, 2009

The ideal online store...

Would have Zappo's shipping policy, Anthro's return policy and Nordstrom's customer service. Right?

How am I supposed to be okay with spending $20 to ship and $10 to return? That's like half the price of the dress I wanted to buy! I don't think so!

I've been known to spend just enough at to get the free shipping and then turn around and return the extra items in-store so I don't have to pay the return fees...

There's a reason Nordstrom and Anthro have gotten over 80% of my shopping funds in the past 10 years. I like to buy a bunch of things, think about it, and then return it 6,8...12 months later (if I never wore it, of course. I'm very honest) And they let me! Now that's a shopper's dream come true! (and a Husband's nightmare).

I know that I'm the bane of every commissioned employee, however, I will say this. Give me a good return policy (that I admittedly overuse) and you will get more of my money than anyone else. I think it balances out.

Which reminds me. Let me know if you're planning a purchase at any time soon. There's some bathing suits I'd like to split the shipping charges for :)

You know they're gonna be ugly

When they even look fat on the Model!

In other somewhat related news, Bekah P. and I went shopping last night with my Anthro 15% off Birthday discount (sign up for their "insider" card to get it!) We got some GREAT stuff and to top it off, the store credit I'd been saving for who knows how long was worth about 5 times as much as I remembered. Always a thrilling discovery.

Plus, we topped the evening off by meeting up with the boys at CPK. Which means I have leftovers for lunch today. I love CPK but I love CPK leftovers even more!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vacation anyone?

I realize I've been bad at telling everyone what's going on in my life. But to be fair, I have to say I feel a little embarrassed spilling the news about this one*

So without further ado...

We're going to Greece in June!! Woohooo!!!

Athens for three days, Crete for 7 (give or take a few hours)

We're so so so excited. I've always dreamed of going and now we finally get to! And now that I've got the flights, hotels, rental cars, and scuba figured out it really feels real.

Except that now we have to wait two whole months. ARRRGHHH. I don't think I can do it!!!

And yes, those who saw my gmail/facebook status last month, it's also true that we're going to Australia in October. Yes, my life is a fantasy. No, it's not normal so please don't hate us too much :) What can I say, us Cowans (+ 1 Larsen) like to travel!

In case you wanted to know, everyone but Amanda is going to Greece, but only my dad, Robert, Patrick and I are going to Australia. Poor mommy and lex :(

Since I'm going on my dream vacations this year, I only hope you're going on yours too. Let me know where you're traveling to this summer!

*I hate when people brag on their blogs. Yeah, yeah, yeah, your life is SO wonderful, barf. But you'd be mad if I didn't share too, right?

There's a new wave of missionaries...

As everyone knows--Amanda is on a mission in Charlotte, North Carolina. She loves it, she's doing great, her letters are wonderful...

The thing I did NOT expect from her being on a mission (not that I mind at all) is all the facebook requests I've gotten from people in her area with notes saying how fabulous she is. I mean, DUH, I know she's great but it's awesome to see so many young people getting to know their ward missionaries and wanting to share their love with her family. I know I was never in a singles ward outside of college, so maybe this kind of love is normal, but I doubt it. Just makes me so happy she's in a place where so many people care so much. Not to mention how technology has changed things so much. I mean, she goes to church, someone takes a pic on their phone, uploads it to facebook and then I get to copy it and paste it on my blog. Sheesh!

In other news, Ashley's getting married in a week and we're going down to Laguna for the wedding! I can't wait!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mommy Mommy Mommy! I found what I want for my Birthday.

I really hope it isn't too late to order these. They're just my style ;)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

You know you're a bad blogger when... visit your friend's blog and it says "The Larsens" last update was 3 weeks ago.

Instead of talking about the important things like how fun (and fattening) it was to have Daddy and Grammie come visit two weekends ago, let's focus on the fact that it's my birthday on Tuesday!!!

I love birthdays. Especially when it's my own :) And when my besties throw me a little surprise party on the Friday night before.

AND especially when I saved my employee-made "Good for any item, no expiration" Baskin-Robbins coupon from last year's birthday to redeem for a free $40 ice-cream cake and it actually worked!! I still can't believe it.

With all that happiness, it makes it a teensy-tiny bit easier to forget that I lost my Chanel wallet on Friday after work and someone spent $500 on my credit cards at Safeway. I'm so materialistic, it's the wallet I'm sad about more than anything else. I'm trying really really hard to not think about it. Really hard.