Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pt Reyes Adventure

Continuing with our New Year's goal to get out and enjoy the Bay Area, Klarissa and I snatched up Groupons for horseback riding in Pt. Reyes National Park.

We're so lucky that Abe and Klarissa are always willing to come along on our bizarre-but-fun outings (like driving all the way to Sac-town for cheeseburgers. I don't care what you say, Squeeze Inn was SO worth it.). It's not every day that you make friends who are so "go-with-the-flow" and you actually enjoy being with for 12+ hours.

We started out the day with a stop for the "best glazed donuts in SF". And then made our way across the bridge and up the coast for our horseback ride.

The ride was gorgeous. Our tour guide was a bit strange, but it added to the "charm" of the outing. That, and Patrick's midget horse who wouldn't (couldn't?) canter to save it's life.
(Do you see how far behind me he is?! ha.)

After the ride, we went to a cute little restaurant in Pt. Reyes - where Abe and Patrick got cornered by the President of the Bay Area Porsche club (pronounced Porsh-A mind you. Got corrected on that thrice). We also had the freshest oysters ever. WOW. So delicious. Tasted just like the beach.

Since we were already so far north, we decided to make the most of it and drive up to the Pt. Reyes lighthouse. Have you been yet?? It was incredible. So So So beautiful!!
(Working off the lunch and donuts. Soo many stairs!! Over 300 steps each way.)
Plus we just so happened to time our adventure perfectly with the arrival of the Elephant seals. Who knew! It was so cool to see them waddle around the beach.After long drive home, successfully avoiding car-sickness on the winding PCH, we finished the evening watching the BYU game. I may not like sports (and the screaming that goes along with it) but I do love to watch Patrick and Abe get so excited. Presh.

Baby Shower for Diana Hulme

I've somehow avoided throwing a baby shower for the 4 years we've lived in SF, but when my dear friend Diana announced she was having a baby (And moving to NYC!), I knew it was time for me to pull it together and host a NYC-themed par-tay.

I'm full of great "ideas" but I'm not real good at the execution part. That, coupled with the fact that Diana is the queen of cute (seriously. check out her blog and you will want to hate her too. But you can't because she is so sweet) was some serious pressure.

After enlisting help from some amazing girls, we pulled it off. And it was so fun!!

Although I can't say I wasn't happy when it was all over, (Especially after Ashley and I stayed up all night trying to make caramel apples for the party favors and failed MISERABLY, resulting in an emergency plan b - a stop in our PJ's at the infamous Bob's Donuts at 2am with all the bar-hoppers.) I had a great time and am so excited for Baby Hulme!!!

A few lessons learned for next time:
-Don't attempt caramel apples for the first time the night before the party because you will fail. -Don't put cheesecake out 2 hours before a party bcs it will melt,
-Taisja is a genius and can solve any problem you have before your meltdown starts (including how to get sugar on the rims of plastic martini glasses - honey- duh.)
-Creepy "baby" pictures are hilarious.
-Delegating to people who are more talented than you is ESSENTIAL to a good party.
-There's always someone who's already had the same idea as you and has executed it better than you will. Just get over it and steal their ideas.
-Hand-cutting frilly streamers takes a LOT of time and gives you hand cramps. But even if your husband says it isn't worth it, ignore him because it totally is.

Link to a better re-cap than I can provide:
"Baby in the Big Apple"

p.s. especially special thanks to Klarissa for designing the cutest invite EVER.
p.p.s. all pics stolen from Diana's blog. Thank goodness for friends with nice cameras!

Friday, March 4, 2011

kind of a big deal

Someone is at BYU this weekend "Guest Lecturing" and giving Advertising students tips. (Also seeing Jimmer's last home game. How convenient).

I keep getting calls/texts/emails from friends about how their cousin's sister's best friend is interviewing with some hot guy from San Francisco (confession: I made that part up, they are all referring to him as Patrick) so I guess that means he's making a good impression. Duh.

Movers and shakers over here.

I won't talk about the fact that I've just sluffed around at the apt watching "Bethenny ever after" while he's gone.

It's depressing (and COLD) when you're home alone. But you get to have girl time! I went to the Ballet last night and am having a sleepover tonight. So looks like we're both having fun :)