Tuesday, September 28, 2010

lover boy

turns 29 tomorrow.

And just in case he decides to actually check this blog, I won't spill the beans on all the exciting plans I have in store for him.

Lets just say, it's gonna be a good one. As long as everything goes as planned...

xoxo Mr Larsen. I really couldn't ask for a sweeter husband.

I should probably follow up with...

I just signed into my blogger account for the first time in WAY too long and saw the frustrated wallpaper post from JUNE.

Well, friends, soon after posting that rant, I stumbled upon some crafty person's post on how to create your own temporary wallpaper out of regular paper (masking tape covered in double sided tape). Which I latched onto and forced my AAM to help me slowly complete over a two week period.

We're getting mostly positive feedback (minus the fact that it makes some people dizzy) and still need to hang up some pictures to help "cut the pattern", but I am just so dang proud of myself for following through on something even remotely crafty! (Even if it took me several months).

Cue applause. Ta da!