Saturday, June 27, 2009


We're taking the Taxi into Athens from the Airport and our driver goes--Michael Jackson, he's Kaput, huh?

Assuming he meant his career is becoming a dud we laughed and agreed and moved on to the next subject.

After checking into the hotel and turning on the TV, we realized OH NO Michael Jackson really did go Kaput. Tragic day for all of us.

In other news, Greece is fabulous. 10 plates of Tzatziki later, we're headed to Crete tomorrow afternoon. I'm craving the ocean more than I ever expected to. Can't wait to leap into the Aegean!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not another Shopping Post!

Don't worry, it really isn't another shopping post.

Technically, it's not really a food post either, it's a camping post. But food was the reason we camped.

So basically my life only revolves around food and shopping. Are you surprised?

Three weeks ago, we met up with the SLC Besties (minus Laura who bailed last minute in order to find a job. psh.) on the NorCal coast for a little Abalone diving.

In case you didn't know, Patrick and I are chickens. So we didn't dive. But we DID camp (one whole night) and I got totally sunburnt.

AND...I ATE RAW(still living!!!!) ABALONE. See? Here's proof. I'm totally tough. (so so nasty)
My new best friend Eric wins for best photo of the weekend. Agree? (And yes, that's an Old Milwaukee next to him. I did not partake but was told it was DEESSGUSTING)

We had an incredible time (minus getting pulled over for having 10 people in the back of a pick-up and slicing up my fingers while cleaning the $500 beasts)

For those of you who are wondering what Abalone is, Klarissa claims it's a sea slug. But if you've ever been to a fancy restaurant and seen it on the menu for upwards of $100 an entree (I have) you know it's no ordinary sea slug.

Luckily for us, we did not have to pay $100 a person to eat this delicacy. But we did have to work dang hard to clean it, slice it, pound it, and fry it.

Was it worth it? Umm yeah! I was so excited to finally try this thing I've been hearing about my whole life. To be completely honest, I think I'd prefer it if it was prepared for me at a resaurant (aka in slightly more sanitary conditions) but I'd do it again for sure.

Oh yes, and we went on a hike through Fern Gully.

Don't worry, Patrick's just faking it.

Thanks DeMaso clan for the invite!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yes, I made a decision

You all know about my bathing suit drama. Yes, it's true. I ordered over 30 suits and couldn't decide for 2 months which one to keep. But when you're going to Greece, it's an important decision!

Thought you all should see the final "keepers". Thank you Daddy, I love my birthday present!! (BTW everything's from the Bloomingdale's "Private" sale. I'll just tell you now, don't go. It's DANGEROUS)
DVF Cover-up. Doubles as a top, no?
Juicy suit. I know EVERYONE has this one already, but it's honestly quite flattering to my mid-section aka my worst feature.

And, of course, you can't go to Greece without a huge straw hat!!

1 week and counting. Not that I'm excited or anything...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I seriously have a problem. I buy food- good, quality, (expensive) food and then forget all about it and it goes to waste.

Namely vegetables and meat.

So, to combat this problem, I decided we'd just buy things the day we wanted to make them, to stop with the waste. (Also, because I can't figure out how to freeze meat and then defrost it and still have it taste ok)

But then pork tenderloin was on SUPER SALE at Safeway so I was like ohh, I'll just pick some up and for sure cook it in the next day or two...

I just remembered it's still in the fridge. Would have been cheaper to just buy it full price when I actually wanted to cook it, I think.

Monday, June 8, 2009

2 for 1 Movie Tickets??

I know, right! Sounds way too good to be true. But I saw the ad in a magazine this morning and just verified it online.

Here's the scoop- If you are a Visa Signature Card Holder, there's a promotion going on right now where if you purchase movie tickets on they'll deduct up to $13.50 from your order of 2 or more tickets once a month through 9/30/2010 (or while supplies last, of course).

How awesome is that??!! We're definitely seeing UP 3D this week!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ultimate Sorenson Weekend

With a title like that you know a few things:

1. We had a great time
2. Scott looks the same in EVERY picture (no one has their photo smile down as well as Scott)
3. Lots of eating was involved
4. Someone must be moving far away and we're trying to pack as much bestie time in before June 18th (hint, it's not us)

I kept thinking if I didn't post this, they couldn't leave, but unfortunately, I don't think it works like that...

A few weeks ago we came to the terrible realization that our time with Scott and Michelle was quickly coming to an end. What better way to say goodbye than to dedicate an entire weekend to hanging out with them, right?

Dinner Friday at Pizzeria Delfina. True Italian Pizza--and while absolutely delicious, I think I like NY Style best (Gasp! Saraceno clan, please don't disown me). While documenting the evening we came to the discovery that Scott has a special gift--he can put on his "photo smile" and look identical in every picture he takes.

Saturday afternoon we left for Santa Cruz and were shocked to find that it was 100+ degrees and TOTALLY trashy (sorry Burgons but it's true). In any case, you can't go wrong with chocolate dip cones and deep fried twinkies so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We decided to take the scenic path home and further extend our time together. Along the way, we found the cutest "You Pick 'Em" strawberry farm. Maybe if we hadn't already been so tired or so...throw in many other excuses here... we would have actually picked some ourselves, but alas we bought some strawberry truffles and pre-picked berries and called it a day. The best part about the farm was the "honesty cash register" where you paid for what you purchased. Talk about trustworthy! I really hope no one takes advantage. We didn't! I promise!

We also did a quick drive-by at the Half Moon Bay Ritz. Gorgeous Views. I wouldn't mind staying there sometime...ha!

Needless to say, June 18th is coming WAY too fast. I guess I didn't expect to have found such great friends so fast and then have them leave even faster. Good luck in Boston. I hope you hate it, quit Harvard and move back to SF :) (I'm only kinda kidding)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

let me just say...

cutting down on fried foods has made me realize that's all I eat. When I can't think of a single thing to eat for dinner that isn't fried, that's a bit of a problem.

In other news, apparently Patrick and I went a little overboard on our trip to Seattle and are now trying to live without going to the grocery store until our vacay in 23 days...lets see how that + no cheeseburgers lasts.

I think I need more realistic (ahem, fun) goals. To put it lightly, these suck.