Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's taken me almost two weeks to get my camera and the cord in the same place.

Two weekends ago, Patrick and I had the time of our life. We got to puppy-sit for one of my friends from work AND go to the Renaissance, I mean "Ren" faire. Talk about a good couple of days!

I'm not too into dogs. Actually, that's not true. I feel the same way about them as about babies. I like them--just not ready for my own. haha. Hence the babysitting, right?

We love Cash. I mean LOOOVVEEE Cash. I've missed him every day since we gave him back to Jonny. Come back to visit please!

He rode the bus with us every morning.How can you resist this face?He hung out in my office every day.He slept with us every night. At first I thought I would hate it. Oh Noooo, I loved it.We also ventured into a strange land known to the participants as the "Ren" faire. I'd been once or twice as a kid and had great memories. When I saw the ad on the side of a bus, I demanded we go. Needless to say, it did not disappoint. Well worth the $18 admission fee. We'll definitely be back (in like 5 years). Also, I could gain 60 pounds and still be sexy according to these folks. I like the way they think. (But not the way the women umm "show off" the extra weight on top, if you get my drift)

We've been having a really good summer. And just think, for SF, it's just begun!

Sorry to rub it in...

I couldn't help myself. We leave tonight!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just another weekend in Paradise

So what if we decide we have to go to Laguna every chance we get? You would too if you got to lay out at a gorgeous beach for two straight days! (note: this was taken on the 4th when the beach was 5x more crowded than any other day of the year. Usually it's pretty deserted. My kind of place!)

Needless to say, we had an absolute BLAST this weekend. Even better cause Amanda and Ashley were around to hang out with us too!Mostly we went to the beach and read "Breaking Dawn". (I need to borrow someone's to read the last 200 pages 'cause I didn't finish!) But we also went to the Angels vs Yankees game (Killed 'em!)got beat up by our boogie boards (oh wait, just Patrick), played with Maggie took model shotsand went to Tommy Bahama's for a delicious family dinner.

Quote of the weekend: "I DON'T EVER WANT TO LEAVE!!!"

Mommy and Daddy, if you EVER think about selling your house I will personally take matters into my own hands.

Don't worry Laguna, we'll be back in a couple weeks. Just enough time for my tan to fade so that I get fried. Fabulous.