Thursday, May 29, 2008


I seem to always be gushing about how much I love San Francisco. To be honest, there are a few things I don't like. Namely,

1. Parking
2. Street Sweeping
3. Parking Tickets

That's what happens when you get home from vacation at 1:3o am Monday and forget that it's Monday.

I really hope there isn't a limit on how many parking tickets you can get in a year.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

25 Years

Can you belive PSG has been around for 25 years? All their hard work sure has paid off! Things are better than ever around here and it's only looking better.

There are so many campaigns PSG is famous for it's hard to list them all. A few examples:
-Got Milk? (No, NOT the mustaches)
-Comcast "It's Comcastic!"
-Budweiser Frogs, Lizards, Donkey that wants to be a horse
-Emerald Nuts
-NBA "There can only be One"
-Most importantly (for me) Sprint "Only on the Now Network"

And the list goes on. To celebrate, we did the only thing Ad Agencies this large can do--threw a huge party at the San Francisco Opera House, got plastered (ok, maybe not me) and danced the night away.

Great times, great people. I'm already planning for the 50 year reunion!
Yeah, that's Jeff (above) and Rich (below). The G and S in PSG... I'm quite the big deal these days! haha.
717ers (that's our floor)
Sprint Retail team pic! Yes, the red and blue is real. LONG story...
Ever seen the Comcastic Slowskies? This is Mr. Slowsky!
Retail team!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I love PSG!

Where else could you find a company that distributes 100% compostable paper products for employee use even though they are MUCH more expensive than Styrofoam? It's times like these when I am so grateful for where I work. And for the city that loves being Green. Now I just need to ween myself from my terrible paper towel addiction!!

(And yes, I did put my company's name backwards on purpose)

Oh, and that post I was promising revealing our secret Saturday purchase? I've been meaning to take my own pics, but this will have to suffice for now. I think most of you already know...
We bought a Mini!!! We've been contemplating buying a new car for a while now and with gas/parking in San Francisco being the way it is, we thought we'd better Carpe Diem. We owe Heather and Tyson HUGE for driving the Montero down to So Cal so my dad can sell it for us and we owe my Dad HUGE for selling it! It's pretty difficult to sell an SUV in San Francisco and its even harder to get a good deal on a Mini--but we think we made out pretty well :)

AND...thanks to Diana for the redesign :) Our blog looks so cute!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Guests!

The best part about San Fran is living somewhere friends want to visit!! I have a feeling if we lived in the middle of nowhere, we'd see less of these beautiful faces.

Heather and Tyson drove in Friday night and even though we tried to tell them to stay with us in the city, they decided to spend time with other friends and sleep over there (I guess I can learn to share:) ). Saturday, Patrick and I were running around like crazy people doing what I'll post about next, so we didn't get to meet up with them until dinner time, which was totally a bummer. We went to this cute little Italian restaurant in North Beach called Volare. Its really hard to find a good restaurant in North Beach because there are SO many tourist traps, but lucky for us, the Fujikawa's other friends (and our new friends) the Packers already knew where to go. Brad has been going here since he was a little kid. Delish! I had Chicken Parmigiana and Patrick had Lasagna.

After dinner, even though we were all stuffed to the gills, we had to get Gelato. We went to Gelateria Naia which was soo good! I had peanut butter chip and Madagascar vanilla.

Sunday we spent the day watching the Jazz game and catching up. For those of you who don't know Heather, she is (among other things) the CMO of a new company called Knotheads. They are really great hair accessories that you should each buy 10 of. I am testing them out as we speak and so far I'm totally sold.

It broke my heart to say goodbye, but we easily convinved them that San Francisco is the best city in America and they totally fell in love. Now we just have to convince them to move here...hehe

Monday, May 12, 2008

BFF's come to SF! Part 2

Since I'm waiting to go to a baseball game with the gals instead of spinning, I have time to post the second part of our BFF Adventures with the Corneliuses!Monday night was Alcatraz. Mitch and I hadn't been in years and both Patrick and Shannon had never been before. The night tour is dubbed the "Best" of all the tours and since Patrick and I both had to work Monday, we decided to do that one. We bought tickets a couple weeks in advance which is apparently the only way to get tickets (they sell out really fast). We rushed onto the boat just in time to sail away. It was really cool to go and learn a little more about "The Rock" and we had plenty of fun goofing off too.
(Notice my hair sticking straight up. I should have used a knothead, not a bobby pin!) Unfortunately for me, they filled in all the toilets :) After Alcatraz we were off to Ghiradelli Square for Hot Fudge Sundaes. We have ZERO problem going to Ghiradelli any day you want to go! It is Larsen heaven! haha.Tuesday was our farewell dinner at Foreign Cinema. We were so excited to go because we'd only heard fabulous things from everyone who's gone. Once again, those of you in the City, we'd LOVE to go again with you! Patrick had the halibut with fig and I had roast duck with foie gras butter (sounds gross, tastes divine!). I basically licked the plate clean. The restaurant is really cool too because there is this outside patio that they play foreign films in during your meal. We watched "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" while we ate.

We loved having Shannon and Mitch tour the city with us---we just wish they could have been here a little longer or better yet moved here :). I guess I'll settle for a weekend getaway whenever they can take one. Thanks for coming guys! Come visit again soon!