Monday, February 14, 2011


I interrupt my white-sand-clear-turquoise-water-lounging to make a public display of love for Mr Larsen.

I especially love him when we're on vacation. So this Valentine's Day is especially sweet. How could you not be more in love with someone when your days consist of sleeping in, rubbing sunscreen on his cute sunburned back (poor see-through lover boy) and heading out to play with Sting Rays?


Patrick, you are the cutest husband in the world. I am obsessed with you and I'm pretty sure everyone is sick of us, but I don't care. They are specifically sick of the photo love shrine I have accidentally created at the office. My desk is surrounded by pictures of you, and then when you come by to say hello (since we work together! so ideal!), it is like Patrick overload!! i.e. my dream come true. I joke that it is sometimes too much, but we both know I can't get enough.

I am so proud of all of your accomplishments and hard work. I love how sweet and devoted you are. I can't wait until our next grand adventure. Because with you, it's always 100 times better than I could imagine.

love love love love love love love love love.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time for more Vacation

It's true. We leave for Grand Cayman a week from today.

I love vacation.

I love that we are going to play with dolphins, swim with Sting Rays, kayak in bioluminescent caves and go horseback riding on the beach (my sly attempt to remind Patrick that he promised me a horseback ride on the beach).

I don't love that I threw my "get ready for the beach" plan out the window on Jan 14th. I gave it a solid two weeks, but alas there is just TOO MUCH GOOD FOOD here.

I need to move to the suburbs.

Counting down the minutes. I haven't been this ready to go somewhere since Christmas!! (You can smack me now).