Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sleep Talking

I absolutely love it when people talk in their sleep. The joy of trying to egg someone on to say weird stuff when you hear some mumblings is fabulous. Sarah hardly ever talks in her sleep or when going in and out of consciousness. Recently she did and it was classic.

Sarah: Conked out on the couch.
Me: Ready for bed bed?
Sarah: What? You want blood on your nachos?

Then back to sleep until I proceeded to make sure she got into bed. Next day, no recollection of asking if I wanted blood on my nachos. I bet you all have some funny experiences of your own late night ramblings or those of spouses, children, and friends. Please reply and share!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So what?

So what if I have ZERO self control and demanded that we open Valentine's Gifts last night.

So what if my present was a little ghetto fab. (Mine is silver, not gold though)
So what if Patrick drank two of his present (cane sugar DP from Dublin, TX ) last night

So what if we're doing our "romantic V-day dinner" at The House with BFFs instead of alone.

So what if this is like the best Valentine's EVER. I LOOVVVEEE my necklace. oh yes, and my husband. I love him the most.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Amanda FINALLY Came!

What better thing to do while on your drive to Laguna Beach than blog, right? I don’t have a too busy excuse this time! Especially thanks to the MBB Card that lets me browse the web while sitting in the passenger seat. Except that means I have no pictures to add to the post. And it's REALLY long. Sorry!

So Amanda FINALLY came to visit last weekend. I’ve been begging her to come out since we moved here and since she’s leaving for North Carolina (in like 3 days!) she didn’t have much time to keep putting us off ☺

First stop, the See’s Candy FACTORY by SFO. We were assured the chocolate we consumed was in fact THE freshest candy available. The entire pound we consumed was proof.

After that, we proceeded to Costco where we indulged in Super Bowl size samples. Yes please, I’ll try the nachos. And the hot dog, and the popcorn and the potsticker and the chips…

For dinner, we went to THE best Mexican place in San Francisco. El Farolito. Hands down best Carne Asada tacos I’ve ever eaten. Between the three of us we consumed 9 tacos and two orders of chips.

What’s a Friday night without a trip to Bi-Rite, right? We finished off the evening with San Francisco’s finest artisan Ice Cream. Flavors indulged in: Coconut, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream and Vanilla Malt w/Peanut Brittle. All topped off with a little homemade hot fudge and whipped cream, of course.

We started the day off right by sleeping in and wandering down to the Farmer’s Market. If I haven’t told you yet of my obsession with the Ferry Building’s Farmer’s Market, apparently we are not very good friends. We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE going down to the Ferry Building on Saturday mornings to sample all the delicious fresh fruits, cheeses, toffee, etc. We left with a bag of chocolate covered almonds, a few tangerines, a Cara-Cara Orange (Never heard of it before, but really great), some lemons, some fresh parsely, and of course small-batch butter (so so so good). We also ate lunch at Rolli Roti. Incredible Porchetta and Carmelized onion sandwiches and fresh rotisserie chicken just like in Florence (and that's coming from Miss I spent a semester in Italy, Amanda, so you know it's true). I highly recommend stopping by when you’re down there. Mmmmm…

After a brief detour at the De Young Museum and the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit, we ended up at Burgermeister in Cole Valley for dinner. Yes, we had been warned it was overpriced and mediocre, but did we listen? No. It won best burger in SF we reasoned. Still, lesson learned, trust your friends. They know better than the awards people any day. Not that it was terrible, but if I’m going to spend $13 on a cheeseburger, I want it to be the best dang cheeseburger. And quite simply, it wasn’t.

Anyways, if you’re a true Saraceno, you can’t leave SF without a stop at Mitchell's—which rivals Bi-Rite as our favorite SF Creamery. While Bi-Rite’s Coconut is incredible, I think Mitchell’s Toasted Almond is my hands down favorite flavor ever. None of that almond extract crap from Fenton’s either. This tastes exactly as it should. Mix that with a little Mexican Chocolate and you’re in heaven. If you’re Lia, Linda, or Amanda that is ☺.

Wrapping up the trip with a bike ride through Golden Gate Park with stops at the roller bladers and swing dancers, we took Amanda home just in time to miss the delicious Super Bowl food. Patrick and I grilled Ribeyes and fresh Jumbo Prawns in celebration of the big game. Not that I could have cared any less about the actual game, but spending the afternoon with our good friends made it a fabulous day. Not to mention Patrick’s commercials (1 & 2) airing!

Amanda—we’re definitely excited for you to go on your mission, but I have to say, I’d much rather you come and live in SF with us!! Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

True Birds

It's about time I posted about Heather and Heidi's fabulous headbands!

I've just been waiting for the right moment to share--when I actually remembered to take a picture of myself wearing one. And now that I'm feeling more comfortable with photobooth, I've finally taken the time to do it!

I've gotten lots of compliments every time I've worn this. Love it, Love them. True Birds forever!! (FYI Gals, I'm dying for the peacock one Heather's wearing and the soft band Heidi is wearing on the homepage!)