Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back to the Big Apple

I feel like we've been quite the Jetsetters these days. It seems every other weekend we are going somewhere. It's been fun, but I think I'm ready for a little break. Anyways, here's the latest on our latest trip:

*Warning* This post is too long. Sorry.

We'd been planning our trip to NYC for a long time now. After the wedding, we had racked up enough JetBlue points to get ourselves free round-trip tickets and decided what better way to spend them than to go back to our second favorite city. We really miss all our friends who live there so we've been looking for a good excuse ever since we left last year.

So Tuesday night, we packed up the car and were about to drive over to SFO when I got a phone call from JetBlue saying our flight was canceled due to weather. WHAT? They offered to reschedule us out of Oakland, but we had to get there ASAP. That would have been fine except that our return flight was in to SFO which meant we couldn't drive ourselves to the airport and we didn't have time to call a Shuttle. Thank Goodness for Good Friends huh? We quickly called Brooke and Eric and they were kind enough to drive us all the way to Oakland. We ran into the airport with just enough time to check in. The whole drive there I was throwing a tantrum thinking we weren't going to make the flight (and consequently miss Conan, which was NOT an option). Luckily the Burgons and Mr. Larsen put up with my whining. Sorry guys.

We got to the I-House Wednesday morning at around 9 am but we couldn't check until 2 pm. We decided to just leave our stuff there and go out exploring until Conan! We were pretty wasted, but I think it was a good thing since we got used to the time change very quickly. We were some of the first people in line for our tickets, so we were put in the front section. Somehow we finagled our way to the front of the line and ended up in the front row! (We watched it this afternoon and you can see us for a split second during the Hulk skit). It was so cool to see him live. I had NO idea how tall he was in person! Oh, and Patrick and Joel got to shake his hand. Becca and I were a bit bummed we got ignored, but Patrick hasn't washed his hand since so maybe it's a good thing I didn't shake it...haha...

After Conan, we met up with Seth (Patrick's other good friend from College) and went to Two Boots Pizza. We LOVE Two Boots. We also loved the fact that all three boys were wearing grey T-Shirts. Patrick and I went back to the I-House immediately after dinner to crash. Needless to say, we were exhausted!Day two was Statue of Liberty and Shake Shack Day. In all my NYC travels, I somehow escaped the Statue of Liberty every time. I was determined to see it this trip! I'm really glad we did. It's one of those things that need to be done once every few years (kind of like Alcatraz here in SF). We met up with some of our fellow 489ers (that's BYU Ad Major speak for BFF's forever) at Shake Shack that night. We've decided that Shake Shack is what we would like Heaven to be like. Delicious hamburgers, fries and ice cream. SO good!Day three we went to the Moma. Those of you who know me well know my penchant for modern art so I LOVE the MOMA. We saw an amazing exhibit by Olafur Eliasson. I loved it. I spent a little too much time there so Patrick and the B-12 boys ditched me to go eat. Completely Understandable. I am a little slow at museums when it's something I'm interested in. (If I'm not, however, that's a whole other story). After the MOMA we met up with 489ers at Havana Central for a little Cuban corn and then saw The Incredible Hulk. Can't say I loved it as much as Iron Man, but still very enjoyable.Day four we met up with my good friend Lauren from Y&R for delicous brunch at 5 points. The banana stuffed brioche french toast? INCREDIBLE. I'm still dreaming about it. After brunch we ran over to Times Square (If Shake Shack is my idea of Heaven, Times Square is my idea of Hell) to see a matinee of Spamalot. Lots of silly fun. Probably not the best musical I've ever seen but we definitely enjoyed ourselves. I'd recommend it for sure. As we walked out of Spamalot we were greeted by some of the craziest rain I have EVER encountered. It was absolutely POURING down. Most of you know how much I hate the rain, so I made Patrick go back to the I-House instead of exploring the city more. Shannon, I think even you would have given up. This rain was brutal. We went to dinner at Toast and then went to bed early to prepare for our 5:30 am departure. Our trip went by SO fast!

4 am this morning: I get a call from JetBlue that our flight has once again been canceled. You have GOT to be kidding me. Luckily, they did get us on a later flight that wasn't even delayed so I've got to give them credit for that. I guess I'd rather be woken up at 4 am to be told not to come to the airport than to show up and sit there for 6 hours, but still!

We're home now and as much as we miss NYC we realized just how much we love San Francisco. It's seriously the most wonderful city. We LOVE living here so so much. I know we made the right decision.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6 more hours until takeoff.

Make sure to watch Conan tomorrow night. Patrick, Becca, Joel and I will be waving at you from the crowd. Just pretend not to notice that a certain pair will look just like they just got off an airplane.

Boy oh Boy am I excited for our trip! Mostly because we get to see our friends, eat at The Shake Shack, see a show, and eat lots of ice cream.

See you next week! (Or for those of you in the Big Apple, Tomorrow!!)