Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nov. 4th

Hate me all you want.

I'm an apathetic Independent* who is SICK AND TIRED of the Election.

That said, I already voted for President, one proposition, and to get rid of Nancy Peloski so you can go back to loving me Mommy and Daddy.

Robert posted this on FB today. I thought it was pretty cool, mostly because it's the first political thing I've seen that isn't a bunch of biased crap. And I mostly think it isn't biased because I can't understand what they're saying. So maybe it is. And maybe I'm being subliminally swayed. But I already voted so it's too late to sway me!

Nov. 5th can't come any sooner for me! Everyone I know is counting down until the Election...I'm counting down until it's OVER.

And no, this is not the time for you all to swarm my comment box with reasons why I should be Republican or Democrat. I get it.

* John P. Avlon at The Wall Street Journal got me "spot on": Independents do not fit in the traditional boxes: They are fiscal conservatives who favor a strong national defense, low taxes, and balanced budgets, but who are, at the same time, socially progressive. They support same-sex civil unions, but not gay marriage; back legal abortion in most—but not all—cases; and are disgusted by Washington’s partisan gridlock. In other words, they’re pragmatists, not ideologues.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have my company Christmas party coming up in December (I know it seems early to start thinking about but...) and I'm looking for a dress. If any of you come across anything cute with sleeves please let me know! I need it to be fairly dressy (but not like a full-length prom dress). So far I've found a few but nothing I'm madly in love with...

Friday, October 10, 2008

A lot of good things have happened lately

Like going to the BYU vs UCLA game in Provo
And having it be a BLOW OUT
And hanging with the Low's
And actually having a picture of Aiden smile!

And eating at Trio with my best friends
And having Ro come visit and be the best house guest ever. Even if we didn't technically "bike" the bridge (Or take many pictures.)
And Patrick turned 27 (but all the pictures turned out terrible)
And Patrick's parents came to visit. But doesn't that deserve it's own post? I thought so too.