Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flava Flav!

Guess who I met on-set?

If you can believe it, he's even more awesome in person. Especially when you get an upclose shot of his "Flava' Flav" grillz.

Love at first sight.If you've seen the Sprint "Bubbles" commercial that's running now, you can't miss him. "Hey, this is Flava Flav, who's this?!"

Moving on up...

I got an office last week. With an office-mate. And a couch.

I bet you can guess where I'm sitting now :)

So far, so good. There's definitely perks to being a manager.

I guess I blew that resolution...

So much for my great idea of my exercise/eating updates, huh?

I started to get nervous about posting...every day I felt guilty in some way and would chicken out. Whether I ate too much, or not enough, or the wrong thing.

But you're owed an update. So here goes. (Apologies for the length).

Basically, I started out really strong. Dropping almost 10 lbs due to cutting out the bad stuff.

Then I went to Costa Rica. Dang Guacamole.

Then I went to Seattle. Dang Red Mill Burgers.

Now I'm going on a shoot for work for 3 days. Dang craft services.

Excuses aside, I've definitely seen a great improvement since the beginning of January when I had my panic attack/crisis. Patrick and I have taken photos each month and I was pretty blown away comparing the two last week.

I guess I'm learning that it's not so much about the number (although part of me will always dream for my high school 115), but really more about what I look like. It's just hard to accept that. Weighing myself is such an easy way to think of success and I can get the satisfaction from it weekly (or bi-weekly, or daily, or twice a day. Yikes, I kind of get obsessed!).

I'm really proud of Morgan and myself for our trips to the gym--and I even went a few times in Costa Rica. These are the successes I need to focus on. The fact that exercising on vacation used to be something I laughed at. Same with going to two spin classes, a kick boxing class and a core class in one week (have not done that well lately, but I blame the travel schedule).

My updated goals are to control my vacation eating and try to get in exercise when I'm away. I'm pretty proud of how I've been doing when I'm at home, but I'm traveling more than I expected and it's really hard for me to say no to freshly fried donuts at Pike's Market. (Can I have another dozen please?) And it's even harder for me to push myself at a hotel gym.

I do feel skinny today. But I think it's the dress. Can I wear it the rest of the month please?