Thursday, October 14, 2010


How much OJ do you need for breakfast for 75 people?

How many eggs and milk do you need for french toast for 75 people?

How many freaking sausage links do you need for 75 people?

The Church camp-out is tomorrow, and I might just be freaking out a little bit.

Let's just say, I'm real excited for this weekend to be over.

over and out.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Best Birthday Yet!

I may be a bit biased, since I'm the one who planned everything, but I think this was Mr. Larsen's best birthday to date.

We started out with breakfast at Dottie's. Although the food wasn't quite up to the hype, it was fun going out to eat so early in the morning and heading into the office already in a sugar coma.
Our busy days at the office (yes, same office, if you've been living under a rock) were interrupted by an ice cream cake. Patrick was late to his own party, but are you surprised? That boy has absolutely no sense of time - and refuses to put his cell phone/text message ringer on. Not that it matters to me that he NEVER answers my calls or texts.

After work, we shopped around a bit until our superlate reso at Wayfare Tavern. O. M. G. such a good meal!! We feasted on Bone Marrow, Uni and Creamed Corn, Fried Chicken and an incredible burger. Not to mention the best mac and cheese I think I've ever had. Birthday boy was so full of cheeseburger, he even passed up dessert.

I fooled someone into thinking that was the end of the celebrations, but Saturday morning I surprised him with a trip out to the Concord Airport. Our good friend, Brynn, and her father were kind enough to take us on a private tour of the bay area from their 4-seater plane. They even let Patrick fly on his own for a bit.
Highlight of the tour? When Patrick took the yoke and said "You know, it's ok I don't really want to fly. No, seriously, I'm really nervous, I'd rather not". Brynn's dad thought he was joking, but I could hear the true fear in his voice. HA!

Unfortunately, our dear fogged-in city was a bit hard to see, but it was still so fun.

All-in-all, what a great birthday. I sure love birthdays, but I especially love the birthday of the love of my life!!!

Just sayin'...

...It's really hard to judge if a photographer is talented or not if all their subjects are ugly.

That said, anyone know a good "family portrait" photographer on Kauai?
Unfortunately, it seems the person who shot this image is fully booked ;)